Multi-Colored Ham Vegetable Quiche

Multi-colored Ham & Vegetable Quiche

If it’s been a while since I’ve been to the market for groceries, it can be challenging to come up with dinner. If I dig around in my fridge, most of the time I have eggs, cream, vegetables, cold cuts and cheese. I can turn those ingredients into sandwiches or a pasta dish, or a version of “breakfast for dinner”. With the addition of a pie crust, I can turn all of that into a quiche. Using a beautiful, multi-colored rolled vegetable tart on Pinterest as inspiration, I decided to try my hand at a wrapped ham vegetable quiche. I think that my results aren’t nearly as tidy as the one on the French site, but I was happy with my results. By wrapping all my ingredients from the center out, the simple Ham Vegetable Quiche became a savory, rainbow-colored dish ready for dinner or a party buffet. 

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Shirred Duck Eggs with Celery Cream

Shirred Duck Egg with chicken sausage

Shirred eggs… as in, eggs cooked gently in an oven inside ramekins placed in a water bath. Shirred duck eggs… as in, I had the chance to buy a half dozen duck eggs from my CSA last week. Shirred duck eggs with a celery cream… as in, I was trying to recreate Atlanta chef Steven Satterfield’s lovely Farm Eggs in Celery Cream that I had last summer at his restaurant, Miller Union.

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