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Kathy in her KitchenMy name is Kathy Marker and I’m the principal writer/cook/drink pourer on this blog, Hungry Again. I’m an enthusiastic DIY home cook, wife and mother of two living in Decatur, Georgia, a small town thriving in the shadow of Atlanta. I’m a Southern girl, with deep roots in East Tennessee. I still enjoy picking greens from my garden, foraging for blackberries and making fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. Being around good cooks my whole life has given me a love of food. My life experiences have also taken me happily beyond cornbread and collards. Living in the capitol of the New South the last 25 years, I’ve enjoyed the city’s emerging food scene and the food of its diverse population. This is a great food town in the middle of a greater food region. I’m a lucky girl.

Hungry Again is a blog about good food and drink. Particularly how to make it, eat it, drink it and use it for cultural exploration and pure pleasure. I know that there are a lot of people writing food blogs, but I think that I can add a thing or two to the buzzing conversation that is out there about food today. Philosophically, I like to cook and eat traditional foods, because frankly, traditional foods are usually the tastiest, least expensive and “closest to the ground” of all our food choices. I’ve been a vegetarian for large parts of my life and I still love to cook and eat that way a lot of the time. Travel and a short time living in France re-opened my eyes to eating meat and understanding how all foods can be part of a balanced life. I consider myself a thoughtful omnivore now. Honestly, I’ll cook and eat just about anything.

Well Made CocktailAnother thing you’ll learn about me and this blog is my love for a well-made cocktail. I don’t consider myself a heavy drinker, but when I do drink, I want it to be interesting and delicious. So, I’ve learned to shake a mean cocktail. I think my circle of friends has gotten bigger because of it!

I do have a day job. I help run a web/interactive design company, The Media Kitchen, with my awesome and talented husband Tim. I’m a designer by training, but a producer and writer by practice. The rest of my hours are consumed with being a mom, a wife, a friend…. And, of course, the planning and preparation of food and cocktails. As God as my witness…. – Cheers! Kathy

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