Pickled Shrimp – a traditional Low Country appetizer

A Bowl of Pickled Shrimp

For about half the year, starting in June, we have access to beautiful, fresh shrimp from the the Gulf and from the Georgia coast. If you’re lucky enough to live in Savannah or Brunswick, you can get down to the dock in mid-morning and get them fresh off the boat. If you come across a couple of pounds of big, fresh shrimp, you should try this traditional Lowcountry party food – Pickled Shrimp.

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Dutch Baby Pancake

Dutch Baby Pancake with Strawberries

Dutch baby pancakes are light, egg-y popovers that are baked in a hot buttered skillet until they puff up. Maybe, like me, the first time you had a Dutch Baby pancake was at The Original Pancake House, a chain with restaurants all over the US. It is always fun to order there.  It has such a dramatic presentation… coming out to the table puffed up on the edges, golden and crispy on the sides, smelling of butter and eggs. I had to try making one at home. When I found out how easy they are to make, it became part of our regular weekend breakfasts. 

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